Selected Work

News Reporting

Millions without power and 21 dead as ferocious winter weather sweeps US (The Guardian)

Texas ‘wide open for business’ despite surge in Covid-19 cases (The Guardian)

‘We should be thankful to him’: why some Muslim voters stood by Trump (The Guardian)

Texas shutdown of mail-in ballot drop-off sites hits diverse cities hardest (The Guardian)

Why three men spent 36 years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit (The Guardian)


Olivia Jade’s Red Table Talk Appearance and the Power of Black Female Forgiveness (Marie Claire)

The fairest of them all? Two cheers for Aladdin’s browner Princess Jasmine (The Guardian)

Ariana Grande wants her fans to vote. What do they think of the 2020 contenders? (The Guardian)

‘I was expected to have kids’: five people who defied cultural norms (The Guardian)


Unless You’re Brown, “Indian Matchmaking” Is Not Yours to Criticize (Cosmopolitan)

‘Bridgerton’ Is Nowhere Near Perfect on Race, but It’s Still a Step Forward (Cosmopolitan)

Personal Essays

‘Shivering under a pile of six blankets, I finally lost it’: my week in frozen Texas hell (The Guardian)

My 24 years without eating (nearly) any vegetables (The Guardian)

I’m Fasting. During Quarantine. (Marie Claire)